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The Three Caballeros


Movie: The Three Caballeros
Writer(s): Homer Brightman, Ernest Terrazas
Director: Norman Ferguson
Release Date: 21st December 1944 in Mexico
Release Date US:3rd February 1945
The ever-popular and excitable Donald Duck stars in one of his greatest adventures - a dazzling blend of live action and classic Disney animation bursting with Latin American sights and sounds! When Donald receives a magical collection of gifts from his Latin American friends, they become his passport to a fantastic musical journey with Joe Carioca and Panchito, the charoo rooster. With these experts to guide him, Donald hops, skips and jumps his way through many local scenes - each stop full of surprises and sensational songs! The Three Caballeros is a stunning celebration of visual effects, light hearted dance and lively Latin music. It's fine-feathered fun for the whole family! - Disney


The Three Caballeros: The Three Caballeros

Episode Cast

Aurora Miranda » The Brazilian Girl
Carmen Molina » Mexico Girl
Dora Luz Dora Luz » Mexico Girl
Sterling Holloway » Prof. Holloway
Clarence Nash » Donald Duck
Joaquin Garay » Panchito
Jose Oliveira » Jose Carioca
Frank Graham » Narrator
Fred Shields » Narrator
Nestor Amaral Nestor Amaral
Trio Calaveras
Trio Ascensio del Rio » Themselves (as Ascencio Del Rio Trio)
Padua Hills Players » Themselves


Title Time Description Size Disney Movie Link
The Three Caballeros - Finale!! 1mins 38s Finale 20.2MB The Three Caballeros - Finale

alt : Finale


The Three Caballeros Animations:The Three Caballeros


Donald Duck: What's this?
Panchito: What's this?
Panchito: This is your gift from Mexico, Donald: a pinata!
Donald Duck: Oh, boy, oh, boy, a pinata!... What's a pinata?
Panchito: A pinata is full of surprises. Presents. It's the very spirit of Christmas.
Donald Duck: Christmas!
Donald Duck: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...
Panchito: Oh, no, no, Donald! For goodness sake, not "Jingle Bells". In Mexico, they sing "Las Posadas".

Narrator: What a time two toucans have making love. When they're beak-to-beak, they can't get cheek-to-cheek, because when one toucan turns his head, only one toucan can.

Prof. Holloway: And so, as the warm, tropical sinks slowly in the west, we leave little Pablo, a bird in paradise, a picture of health in his new coat of tan. He should be the happiest penguin in the world.
Prof. Holloway: Only, sometimes he gets to thinking...
Narrator: Never satisfied. Well, that's human nature for you, even if you're a penguin.
Donald Duck: You're absolutely right.

Panchito: Did you know that the history Mexico is in her flag? Oh, yes. You see, many hundreds of years ago, the god of the Aztecs commanded them to build a big city where they would find an eagle destroying a serpent. But when they find this eagle, he was sitting on a cactus, on top of a rock, way out in the middle of a lake. Caramba, to build a city here would be almost impossible. But they built and built and built some more, until today, believe or not, the lake is full of Mexico City.

Jose Carioca: Have you been to Baia, Donald?
Donald Duck: No.
Jose Carioca: Well, let's go!

Jose Carioca: You kill my head!

Donald Duck: Hello, my sweet little bathing beauties!

Panchito: This custom takes place on each of the nine days before Christmas. Each evening, the children gather at the village church and form a procession, symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The little ones carry images of the saints from house to house, singing a plea for shelter, or posada. A reply comes from within, "No posada. No shelter." Looking sad and downhearted, they try again. But the reply is still the same: "No shelter. No posada." They repeat the song time after time, and always they are refused, until at last they finally reach a house, and the door is open. "Come in, come in, holy pilgrims. This humble home is yours." And now, Mary and Joseph have found shelter at last. Then the rejoicing begins, the feasting, the celebrating, and finally, the biggest surprise of all, breaking the pinata.

Music - Soundtrack

English Lyrics By Ray Gilbert - Spanish Lyrics By Ernesto Cortázar - Music By Manuel Esperon »The Three Caballeros
English Lyrics By Ray Gilbert - Music and Portuguese Lyrics by Ary Barroso »Baia
Music and Spanish Lyrics by Ary Barroso - Performed By Aurora Miranda »Os quindins de Yaya
English Lyrics By Ray Gilbert - Music and Spanish Lyrics by Agustín Lara - Performed By Dora Luz »You Belong To My Heart
English Lyrics By Ray Gilbert - Spanish Lyrics by Edmundo Santos - Music by Charles Wolcott - Performed by Carlos Ramirez »Mexico
Music and Lyrics by Dorival Caymmi »Have You Ever Been to Baia?
Portuguese Lyrics by Joao de Barro as Carlos Braga - Music by Joao de Barro »Pregoes carioca
Music and Lyrics by Felipe Gil »Lilongo
Music by Benedito Lacerda - »Pandeiro & Flute
Written by Manuel Esperon and Ernesto Cortazar - Adapted by Edward H. Plumb »Jesusita en Chihuahua
Music by Juventino Rosas »Sobre las olas
Written by James Pierpont - Sung a bit by Clarence Nash »Jingle Bells
Lyrics by Ned Washington - Music by Charles Wolcott »Saludos Amigos

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