This is a fansite dedicated to the wonderful world of Disney. All characters on this site are 100% © copyright to Walt Disney and the Disney Company. I am NO way affiliated with Disney, nor have I met any of the Disney family I am purely a fansite. I do not have express permission from Disney to run this site I would just hope that they would see that I am a fan and want to promote everything that is Disney. Even though all characters on this site are © Copyright to Disney you will find some pictures and videos that I have taken myself on my trip to Disneyland, and of stuff that I own. I would ask that you respect the site, respect me and enjoy the site. If anything on this site is copyrighted to you or the Disney company and you wish me to remove it then Please contact me before taking Legal Action and I will remove said content immediately Thankyou.

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Welcome to DisneyEnchanted.co.uk
This is a Fansite dedicated to the Fantastic Disney. I am not affiliated with Disney in any way and this is purely for fun. I grew up with Disney and continue to enjoy the many things that Disney does. I am just a fan who wants to show my appreciation for the magic that Walt Disney has brought to many children and adults alike. The site is still a work in progress as there is nearly 100 years worth of Disney so please bear with me and enjoy the site Thankyou ♥


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