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News | April 12th 2017' | Comment

Cars is a special film in our house. My son was obsessed with the first film when he was little and used to watch it at least 3 times a day. We had to decorate his bedroom in cars, He had a Cars bed, bedding, toy box, curtains, posters, pillows you name it he had it he just loved it. So when he saw there was a Cars 3 coming out well he got really excited. He loves Mater the most and used to also watch Maters DVD constantly too. Take Care lovely people


Disneyenchanted Back!

News | April 12th 2017' | Comment

Well I guess I'm back again. I can't back up my site it's not working so should this happen again I will have to reload it all again like I have just done. Thankfully I do have it all backed up on my computer and on a external hard drive. Thank you for your patience. I think everything is back up and running properly if there is any broken links please let me know in the comment section above. Take Care lovely people


Disneyenchanted back soon!

News | April 10th 2017' | Comment

Will be back soon my site completely disappeared with no back up. Hopefully wont be too long Take Care lovely people



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